From Reflexology to Hawaiian massage, Kinesiology to Aromatherapy I trial some common and less than common me-time activities to hopefully inspire mamas to try something new.

A massage a day….

For as long as I can remember I have loved massages. As a teenager I would beg my mum to rub my shoulders while I watched Neighbours. I would spend my paper round earnings on countless crazy massage devices (who doesn’t love the head massager called the...

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Me-time bestie 

Self care is about prioritizing your own health and wellbeing through consistent action.  As we start a new year there is no better time to change your thinking around self care and act to make it a regular part of your life.  As mamas we have no difficulty...

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Rebalancing your body

What? Musculoskeletal therapy  Where? Health biz massage therapy clinic, Adelaide Why? Musculoskeletal therapy is designed to treat the muscles and skeletal system using various soft tissue and mobilisation techniques. It can assist with back pain, neck pain,...

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Mama’s me-time Xmas Gift Guide

As mamas, responsibility for Christmas gift shopping often falls to us, including making suggestions for our own presents (or buying them!) To make your job a little easier I have put together some ideas of gifts (at various price points) to encourage you to take some...

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