Making time for self care is something I have always struggled with. To me, it always seemed self indulgent, selfish even.

Before I became a mama, I’m the first to admit I frequently burnt the candle at both ends and didn’t really see the value in self care. With hindsight, I feel fortunate my lifestyle choices didn’t result in any serious consequences – like a health crisis – like it does for some. I did though certainly have many, many times where I’ve felt overwhelmed, over stressed, unhappy, tired and basically burnt out.

img_2938-2In 2010 I went to Bali for a week long surf retreat. I saw an article in the local paper about the retreat, then called Surf Haven (now Escape Haven) and something in me made me to sign up.

The retreat was life changing.

I was introduced to yoga and meditation – both practices which I continued after the trip (and to this day) and have kept me sane through some of my toughest periods. Myself and the other women on the retreat had prepared  for us delicious, nutritious food made with love, spent each day in the ocean (connecting with nature) went to bed early, nurtured our bodies with spa treatments and had meaningful conversations. I came back to Australia feeling nourished and rejuvenated. I felt revitalized and ready to face my life again.  I had learnt how self care really mattered.

In the past couple of years I have been blessed with the birth of two gorgeous sons. In adjusting to motherhood I am the first to admit I let the self care practices I had developed and cherished fall by the wayside putting the needs of my babies first.  As a consequence I have found myself with niggling health issues, feeling tired and irritable – all important reminders for me that my self care needs constant, consistent attention.  The difficulty now, as every mama will know, is that it comes at a time when finding the time and space for “me-time” is more elusive than ever.

I created Mama’s Me-time to document my own journey to find more time for self care and ways to nurture myself. I very quickly realised I wasn’t alone in struggling to create me-time as a mama and so my intention for Mama’s me-time has evolved.

ph-photo-for-websiteI now hope the blog will become a resource for other mamas to be inspired to prioritise self care.

By sharing stories about the ongoing challenge of creating me-time and ideas for making and using me-time, my wish is that other mamas will make it a regular part of their lives too.

I honestly believe that happy mamas, make for happy families and happy communities.

As author LR Knost says “taking care of myself doesn’t mean “me first”, it means “me too” and that’s anything but selfish.

I’m Prue Henschke. I’m a Melbourne based mama of two boys. My idea of the perfect me-time is watching the sunrise, taking a walk on the beach, practicing yoga, meditating, having a massage, taking a long bath, eating acai bowls and watching rom coms – preferably all in the one day!