For as long as I can remember I have loved massages. As a teenager I would beg my mum to rub my shoulders while I watched Neighbours. I would spend my paper round earnings on countless crazy massage devices (who doesn’t love the head massager called the orgasmatrom ?). Now as an adult I endlessly request spa vouchers. 

It was only recently I realised maybe why I love them so much – apart from the obvious feel good factor – when I’m having one I’m completely present and in my body – not my head. 

I’ve always said I can’t wait for the day when I can afford regular massages – daily even. One day, someday has a way of becoming never, so I’ve decided to cross this one off my bucket list this year. Once a fortnight for the next year I’ll book myself in for a massage. 

Will I notice a difference in how I feel? Mentally? Physically? Am I setting a dangerous precedent? Can’t wait to share with you my experiences. 

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