My first massage for the year came at a time when I felt I really needed it. As any mama can attest holidays with children aren’t exactly feet up, relaxing, reading a book kind of holidays. All the daily tasks that go with being a mama remain, just in a different, hopefully more picturesque location. After three weeks away from routine and home my kids were starting to … well, fatigue. I was tired too and needing some me-time, which I seemed to have less of on holidays than normal – go figure. 

Given my me-time was rather spur of the moment I hadn’t been able to book in anywhere, but thankfully a Thai massage studio just off Jetty Road welcomed walk ins. 

In the past, Thai massages I have experienced have involved having my body manipulated into various positions. This massage was slightly different in that the therapist did most of the work. Much of the session was spent with her kneeling on my back using her knees to work into the tightness. For someone like me, who likes firm massages which really work into the problem areas, it was perfect. 

The massage studio itself was clean and tidy. The massage beds were separated by partitions so unfortunately the talking of other clientele took a little away from the overall experience. I did love the convenience of not having to book in advance and I felt the therapist I had did a great job. I’ll go back on future stays in Glenelg. 

The cost was $40 for 30 minutes 

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