As mamas, responsibility for Christmas gift shopping often falls to us, including making suggestions for our own presents (or buying them!)

To make your job a little easier I have put together some ideas of gifts (at various price points) to encourage you to take some me-time. Buy for yourself or give the list to those buying for you – either way you’ll be ensuring your self care is on the agenda for 2017. 

UNDER $10.00 

Yoga Bomb from Lush ($8.95) 

Helping you slow down is the intention behind this bath bomb. Designed to be slow-frothing, with a meditative blend of color and earthy, grounding oils, this bomb is perfect for busy mamas to take some time out to do, well nothing.

Mask from Trefiel ($9.95) 

I love it when I come across a product which cleverly fills a gap in the market. In this instance, masks which you don’t have to hide away in the bathroom while wearing. This plant based mask is a perfect for pick-me-up for dry or oily skin. A combination of aloe, vitamin E and rose extract to soothe your skin and boost hydration.


Mindfulness for Mothers Book by Rebecca Ryan ($19.95) 

I loved the book Mindfulness for Mothers so much I organised an event with Rebecca Ryan to learn more! Her book is designed to help mothers create a sense of balance, awareness and calm for themselves and their children. The beauty of the book is that Rebecca has created a series of simple exercises, from 10-second tension breakers to 30-minute restorative body awareness routines, to do either alone or in the company of your child.

Gratitude journal from kikki k ($18.95)

As a stationery lover, Kikki K is one of my absolute favourite stores.  I know myself how important a gratitude practice can be to transforming your outlook. This thoughtfully designed journal gives you the space to make a daily practice of stopping to reflect on all the positives in your life. It’s a great tool to help you get perspective.

UNDER $30.00

“Hey there Hot-tea” mug from Hunting Louise ($22.50) 

Tea drinking is high on my list of me-time activities, so these gorgeous mugs are the perfect gift for any tea loving mamas like me.

Magnesium Bath Flakes from Amazing Oils ($24.95)

Magnesium helps with energy production, mineral balance and building new cells. A magnesium deficiency (which is more common than you may think) can produce symptoms ranging from restless leg to headaches. An easy way to practice self care is to take a bath and add some magnesium flakes. I use these and also their spray.

UNDER $50.00

Celebrate vapouriser gift pack from Twenty 8  ($49.00)

Earlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Kim Morrison, the founder of Twenty 8 speak  (if you get a chance – do – she’s brilliant) and in the process learnt about essential oils. Kim spoke a lot about self care and the importance of rituals. This set includes a vaporiser and the synergy blend – Celebrate & Uplift – a perfect introduction to the benefits of aromatherapy.

Breathe soy candle from the Commonfolk Collective ($45.00)

This candle is part of the feel good range by the Commonfolk Collective. I love it because as it serves as a reminder to slow down, be present and breathe!

UNDER $100.00

Annual magazine subscription from the Collective hub ($89.00)

What mamas doesn’t love an inspiring read and the Collective Hub certainly delivers. I’ve seen Lisa Messenger speak a few times and I love her unconventional thinking and passion – both of which come across in her mag.

Annual subscription to Food Matters TV ($99.00) 

Food Matters TV is like Netflix for Wellness. With a subscription you can access hundreds of health & wellness documentaries, recipe videos, yoga classes, expert interviews and more… on demand.

UNDER $150.00

Palm yoga mat by Kamuka ($129.00)

I received a yoga mat by Kamuka a few years ago for my birthday. Since then I’ve lost count of the number of compliments it has received. I love their whole range but this one has to be my favourite – I’m obsessed with palm trees. ?

60 minute deep tissue massage in your home from Still Beauty ($140.00)

I have reviewed Still Beauty on my blog. They are a Melbourne based massage and beauty service that provides a holistic approach to rejuvenation and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. For massage, I think they are the best in town.

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