Australia’s largest city boasts gorgeous beaches, stunning harbour views, iconic attractions and great weather. Sydney is an easy place to fall in love with. But in such a big city it’s not always so easy to find the best me-time spots. Megan Morton, Kiri Vasales and Abbey Adamson have generously shared their favourite me-time locations. 


Kiri – Yummy Mummy Day Spa in Clovelly

Abbey – Working part time in HR, getting my own small business up and running along with having 2 kids ( Nearly 3 – another on the way!) and 2 dogs means that Spa/massage time is very limited. If I’m in need for a massage I pop into whatever is closest and go for a 20 minute neck and back massage. There are heaps of them all over Sydney and they are fab because they’re not a huge investment of time, but they get the job done! Also, they don’t cost the same amount as a family holiday to Bali!


Megan – Power living 

Kiri – I do both yoga and pilates at my gym (Titan Fitness in Coogee). 

Abbey – Again, time is limited, but I absolutely love Yoga. I have signed up to a great online yoga page called Yogaglo. You pay a monthly subscription and you can log on from any device and do a yoga or meditation class wherever you are. It’s great because there are classes anywhere from 5 minutes up to 90 minutes so you can really find a class to suit however long you have. 


Megan – I use a phone app for this but I was taught by Tim Brown and Gary Gorrow who both practice from Sydney studios. 

Kiri– If you do it yourself there’s an amazing spot just south of Coogee beach up along the cliffs although anywhere with a nice view along the coast walk would be perfect. 

Abbey – I usually do this on the train or in the bath, but there are so many beautiful parks to mediate in as well. I particularly love the botanical gardens in the city. 

Walking/ running

Megan – Walking to Rosebay. Gentle some boat and pelican action and not too many distracting buzy coffee houses! 

Kiri – The Coogee to Bondi coastal walk definitely! Although it’s quite long so you can just go between Bronte and Bondi if you’re limited for time. 

Abbey – The botanical gardens are gorgeous. You see the harbour you see beautiful gardens and at the end you can get a great coffee from wherever in the city- so many options. I live in Marrickville, so if I want to take my pugs for a walk, the Cooks river is beautiful as well.

Alternative healers (i.e. reiki, cranosacral, Bowen or similar)

Megan – I go to Alexander Technique instruction and alignment with Barbara Robertson in Double Bay. 

Best coffee/cafe with kids

Megan – Fratelli paradiso right hand side! 

Kiri – Coogee Pavillion, there’s a fantastic kids play area and great food, coffee and wine.

Abbey – I love The Grounds in Alexandria. It’s my fav hands down. They have a pig, chickens and goats to look at and even pat if you are lucky. You can sit in the restaurant and have some delicious food and coffee, or you can grab something take away and sit outside. If it’s super hot they have a light mist going to keep you cool, and last summer they had a kiddy pool set up and they supplied the towels. It was great! There is a gorgeous florist there so you can grab some flowers on your way out as well as some fresh made jam filled donuts for afternoon tea. Well worth a visit. It can get very busy, so best to go early in the morning or during the week.

Best coffee/cafe without kids

Megan – Fratelli paradiso left hand side! 

Kiri – Bills at Bondi for breakfast or lunch is my fave!

Abbey –  Mecca in the city. My fab coffee hands down. I love grabbing a takeaway coffee and heading to Zara. That’s my idea of ‘me time!’ 

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