What? Kodo Massage

Where? Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula

Why?  The physical and mental benefits of massage are well known. 

While deep tissue massages are my go-to, I also love trying new things. In the spirit of trying something new on a recent visit to the Mornington Peninsula I booked in for one of Peninsula Hot Springs spa’s signature treatments – the Kodo Massage. 

Before the massage I made use of the immaculately presented steam room and spa. I then spent some time sipping herbal tea in my new obsession – hanging chairs. 

The Kodo Massage is described as a rhythmic massage inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques to tone and re-align energy flow. 

The massage begins with an indigenous flora smoking ritual to clear negative energy from the room and bring you into the here and now, the present moment – Linj’dta. I loved this aspect of the massage and for me it brought clarity around why I love massages so much. During a treatment I’m totally present – feeling the therapist at work on my body, smelling the divine essential oils and listening to relaxing music. 

The whole experience was beautiful and I was so relaxed I may have dozed off for a while….

It’s worth mentioning the spa is part of the Peninsula Hot Springs complex. For an additional fee you can purchase a package which includes use of the hot springs facilities – which are incredible. 

Peninsula Hot Springs is a really special place and a perfect spot to spend me-time alone or with friends. 
How much? $150.00 for 60 minutes 

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