When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time?

Last night – I had a long hot shower, binged on some TV ( Game of Thrones.. it’s so bad, but so good – except the gruesomeness – I close my eyes haha ?? and then some old school Gossip Girl for my trashy tv fix) and then indulged in some online shopping (eeep).

I have “me” time every day, it’s nothing fancy, I just make sure I give myself time to wind down without kids which is usually once they’re in bed.

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Just relaxing and doing the things I can’t while the kids are awake like binge on trashy tv, bubble bath/hot shower, indulge in social media, online shopping, read blogs or a good book, maybe a sneaky chocolate or wine, and just enjoy the quiet and being able to do nothing. It really is the simple things for me like enjoying the quiet.

I am also contemplating starting some exercise classes that I can do while baby wearing so I am still getting that me-time even though I won’t be alone so to speak.

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

Well, I have 4 kids under 7 years old and my husband works weekdays, nights and weekends (he literally doesn’t have a day off) so “me” time is definitely a struggle but it’s the little things.

I have a structured routine with the children and myself to make our lives run as smoothly as possible (I am a little anal with my routine or I get stressed, but I do understand things don’t go to plan sometimes).

It is super important for me to get that “me” time at the end of the day because my whole day (and night.. life with a breastfed baby) is chasing after kids, working if I am not on maternity leave and organising my family’s lives.

My “me” time is when the kids are all in bed and asleep (a strict 7pm latest) so I get that time to myself to wind down and destress and reflect on the day.

So my advice is to try and create a routine that works with you and your family that allows that time for yourself.  Me Time doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant it just needs to be about you and no one else, so you can self love and re-energise.

Other advice would be making sure you pencil time in with your partner and do a date night every now and then (I need to take my own advice but we lack family support), catch up with girlfriends or do something for you that you can take your kids along like going to the gym.

My youngest is a wee little 12 weeker, my toddler is 2.5 years and then my just about “irish twins” who are 5 and 6 years old, so I am definitely busy and have my hands full to say the least.

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