When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time? 

The last time I had “me time” was a walk on the beach a couple of days ago. I try to do something for myself every day, even its small, but both Archie and I have been under the weather! 

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Some of my favourite things are cooking a nourishing and delicious meal and taking my time to enjoy it, walks on the beach, yoga, hot baths with Epsom salts and essential oils, and sometimes, a glass of red at the end of a long day!

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

I understand the challenge of making me time as there is always someone or something more important than us! The first step is getting in the mindset and we will be better mums, partners, friends and workers if we do nurture ourselves- and don’t feel guilty! Focus on having one room in the house clean so you can focus but don’t worry too much if everything else is a shambles. Twenty minutes of meditation, reading or walking is more beneficial than things being in the right place. 

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