When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time?

Mmmm…..good question! The way I spend it nowadays is so different to how I used to spend it. I am finding that on a weekly basis one sleep in so vital. It recharges and reenergises me for a week of broken sleep. I also have to admit, that any “me-time” opportunities are usually filled with work. I am finding it quite difficult to switch off at the moment. Although, finding a balance is definitely a priority. 

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Every day I practice gratitude. It’s so important to bring myself back to the centre. It’s a huge part of my lifestyle but also a form of self care. To be honest, it’s quite basic, but it’s the simple things these days. I make sure I go outside every single day. Not only for Luca, but for me. That fresh air + sunshine. It’s a must. Every. Single. Day. Every week I find the time to have a “proper” shower. You know, exfoliate, shave, wash my hair (ok, so i don’t always wash my hair every week, but definitely fortnightly! haha!). I just do it when I can, usually when my husband is home. Although when he’s not I lock Luca in the bathroom with me and just make sure he has lots of things to keep him occupied while I shower. I also really enjoy applying my make up and doing my hair. If I know that I am going out for the day I put in the time and effort to make myself feel good. Always. I find that putting on my essentials (mascara + eyebrows) and a little bit of perfume has me feeling from 0 to at least an 8! So I find that important, PLUS I find it so therapeutic to sit there and take the time to apply it (I know this isn’t for everyone). I usually do this during Luca’s nap time or if he’s awake well, it just takes me a bit longer, but I get there! Oh and Wednesday nights have recently (accidentally) turned into YouTube nights! That’s when Luca goes down to sleep and I have completed my work, I just binge out and catch up on my fave YouTube channels videos!

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

I guess for the organised mama, it might be useful to plan “me-time” or pencil it into the diary. I’m not organised enough for that. Just start with little things. We are all in different situations. So I can’t suggest to anyone “what they should do”, but definitely, ask for help. Any help. Reach out. Find your support network. Don’t be concerned about asking family/friends/babysitter for help, to be able to enjoy complete time out. We need to recharge! We need to take time out for ourselves, whatever we choose to do with it! It’s not selfish. There should be no guilt attached. Because we are worthy! You are worthy. You need to make yourself a priority time to time. I also find there is an assumption that “me-time” comes with a price tag. Nope. It doesn’t need to cost any money. It’s not all about he mani’s, pedi’s, hair + massage. To me, “me-time” is a mental health break. Time when I don’t have to think about anything or anyone but myself. It’s such a strange feeling sometimes, but man it feels SO good! 

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