When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time?

I have me-time some mornings of the week. Because I freelance it means that I work at my own pace on different projects. So on the days I have time, I make sure I have a slow morning with a pampered breakfast and really take my time getting ready for the day.

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Make time for exercise and make it a priority, although it can be difficult at times it makes me feel great once I am done! Slow mornings when my husband drops off my daughter at school and I have the house to myself. Being kind to myself and cutting myself some slack. I think part of self care is peeling off the “musts” and “have to´s” in our life and realising that sometimes perfect doesn’t mean better.

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

Make sure you have a time slot each week to do with as you please. Do something that makes you happy and for yourself whatever that may be. I think one of the biggest hinderances for this is guilt. So let go of the guilt for a couple of hours and know that by making yourself happy, you become a happy mama, which equals happy family.

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