When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time?

Alisa- The only time I get “me-time” is when I book in nails or hair! LOL! It’s very hard to get time away from work and kids to just relax and just be, so I really do appreciate these rare opportunities.

Lys- I really enjoy doing a fitness class in the morning, currently I am loving my F45 classes! It’s honestly the best way to start the day. I try and go a few times a week, but it’s really dependant on what the week holds as our schedules can change all the time.

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Alisa- I like to have a soak in the bath once the kids go to bed. I don’t do it very often, but it is something that I look forward to- especially with some music and a cheeky glass of wine.

Lys- I enjoy jamming in my ear phones and going for a nice coastal walk. Now that the weather is starting to get a bit warmer, it’s the perfect way to tune out and enjoy the scenery.

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

Alisa- With a busy schedule and two active kids, sometimes it’s important to just organise a babysitter and book in date night with the hubby. Even if it’s once a month for 2 or 3 hours. Often we don’t realise how important it is to have some time out with our partners to just enjoy time together.

Lys- Although life can get busy, and we all have various commitments and pressures- often to be the best mum, daughter and friend, we need to give ourselves time out, and this is ok. Our schedule can get really crazy, but where I see a gap that can be used for a bit of R & R, I will block it out for “me time”.

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