What? Baby Friendly Movie Sessions

Where? Village Cinemas, Southland

Why? Cinemas are one of those places where making noise is often met with sideways glances and angry shushing. They are traditionally one of the last places new mamas feel comfortable, given we all know how unpredictable and loud babies can be. That is why baby friendly movie sessions are genius. They allow mamas to feel totally relaxed about seeing a grown up new release at the cinema.  On the day I went, Bad Moms was screening – which was a movie I had been wanting to see. I was glad I did – hilarious! My date was my 7 month old son. The cinema was fairly busy but there was ample pram parking at the rear of the cinema. The cinema lights were kept a little brighter than normal throughout the session so there is no need to fumble around.  Most mums fed their babies during the session and to be honest almost all the babies were perfectly quiet throughout. Maybe the fact mums were relaxed and enjoying themselves was a factor. Happy mama. Happy baby. For me it was a perfect date – I got to see a chick flick with no complaints and didn’t have to share my popcorn.

How much? $10.00 per adult (babies are free)

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