What? Hot stone massage

Where? Byron at Byron

Why? Hot stone massage involves the therapist using smooth, heated stones of varying sizes as an extension of their own hands. During the massage the therapist also places the stones on key points of the body such as along your spine and on the palm of your hands. The heat helps warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply. It is also very relaxing.

Byron at Byron is a five star resort set in 45 acres of rainforest – it is beautiful. The moment you walk into the spa you are met with the beautiful scent of essential oils. The spa itself is immaculately presented. Some of the reviews I had read before my session commented on the fact that it is relatively small. On the day I attended I was the only one there and I understand they purposely stagger the appointments to give you space. I arrived early to make use of the spa and steam room before relaxing in the waiting room sipping on Serenity tea and reading Nat Geo’s 365 Days of Calm.

The first thing that struck me about the massage was the fact the stones were so hot! Sara, my therapist started, what was a full body massage, on my legs. For anyone familiar with the use of a foam roller, I can best describe the use of the stones as like using a tiny foam roller – a sweet discomfort. The rocks made for a strong, deep massage – which is the type I like.

I loved the overall experience at Byron and Byron. I especially love a spa which offers the use of the facilities before or after your treatment as I feel it complements the therapy and makes the experience all the more special.

How much? $167 for 60 minutes. I took advantage of a Winter special and received an extra 30 minutes on my treatment.

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