What? Reflexology

Where? Happy Feet Reflexology, Gold Coast, Australia (soon to be based in Cairns)

Why? Reflexology is said to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve circulation, enhance healing, detoxify the body, improve sleep and help all systems in the body work effectively.

During a recent massage, the therapist (who was trained in reflexology) did some work on my feet and identified some tender spots. Reflexology has always intrigued me, so this experience prompted me to seek out someone who specialized in it.

Reflexology is based on the principle that all parts of your body are linked to reflex areas which respond to therapeutic pressure.

Reclined in a very comfortable French beach chair, to the sounds of birds chirping in the treetops of Currumbin I spent an hour having my feet worked on by Martin – who has over 10 years experience – and it shows.

Like many alternate therapies I’ve tried, reflexology is subtle, in that the benefits are at a level which might not be immediately apparent, but nevertheless are very real for regular devotees.

Reflexology is also a preventative therapy, which if undertaken with other complementary/ alternative medicine may reduce your risk of developing health problems.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and towards the end I was so relaxed I was dozing off.

How much? $70.00 for 1 hour.

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