What? Musculoskeletal therapy 

Where? Health biz massage therapy clinic, Adelaide

Why? Musculoskeletal therapy is designed to treat the muscles and skeletal system using various soft tissue and mobilisation techniques. It can assist with back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and injuries. 

Harry Bruce came recommended by a family member, who had given him the nickname “Harry Houdini” after he fixed a back injury that had her bed ridden. On my last visit to Adelaide I tried to make a last minute appointment only to be told he was booked a month in advance. This year I got lucky. 

Harry is as skilled as he is enthusiastic. He shared with me, while I’m completing a patient questionnaire, that many of his patients (like me) are from interstate and overseas. Once completed he has a cursory glance at my paperwork and tells me he knows the answer to all my problems. 

I can’t wait for him to begin. Through what I can only describe as oh so subtle pressure being applied to various areas of my body, he works from feet, to my pelvis (where he tells me all my problems began) to my shoulders, to resolve the imbalances, providing thorough explanations along the way. 
Like magic – the results of his work are immediately apparent. I feel flatter and more grounded on my feet. I am effortlessly straighter in my back and less tense in my shoulders. I have seen many practitioners over the years for neck and back problems associated with my scoliosis and none have produced results as impressive. My only regret – I didn’t see him sooner. 

How much? $70.00 per session.  

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