I came to see Heather Grace for a Palm Reading on the recommendation of Lucy Cornes (who generous contributed to our Me-time guide to Adelaide). 

Heather does readings from a light filled studio in her home, overlooking her picturesque garden, in a suburb of the Adelaide Hills. 

Heather greets me with a big smile and invites me into her lovely, homely studio. She is warm and welcoming. I feel immediately at ease in her company. 

The first thing to mention is the fact the entire reading is recorded on CD and is yours to take for no additional cost. I loved this aspect of the experience because so much was covered in my hour long session, it would be difficult to remember it all and taking notes would have distracted me from the experience. 

At the commencement of the session (without going into too much detail – at the risk of interfering with the experience of others) Heather told me a little about my past, present and future from my handwriting, star sign and using numerology. 

It is clear, even at this point, Heather is incredible at what she does. Not only does she have years of experience, an impressive education and numerous awards in her field – she has a passion and enthusiasm which is self evident. 

When it’s time to move on to reading my palms she explains the significance of the differences in my left and right hands and then takes me to all the important lines and features of my hands. She is even able to explain my crooked little fingers and what the size and shape of my unmanicured fingernails means. 

Over the next 45 minutes or so I am blown away. Heather is so accurate in her description of me, my personality, my current circumstance – well it’s incredible. She delves into past lives and my future and that of members of my immediate family. 

At the end of the session Heather did a card reading which related to my immediate future. Again Heather explains the cards in detail and based on my current situation it all made perfect sense. 

I go home with my CD and some incense (another included gift) on a real high. 

To say I loved the experience is a serious understatement. At a time when I’ve been having some challenges and there have been lots of changes in my life, hearing her explain what my palms reveal about my life – past, present and future was uplifting and inspiring. Heather has a spark that makes her a joy to visit. Based on my experience with her, I believe she is truly gifted in her craft. I unreservedly recommend you visit her if in Adelaide. 

Cost – $100.00 for one hour


For more information about Heather’s services visit her website here. She’s also on Facebook here

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