I recently was invited to a mama friend’s holiday house in the beachside locale of Sorrento for a Mothers retreat. The concept was for mamas to drop in with babes for a few hours or a few days to have some me-time – whether that be a walk on the beach, some time to read quietly or to go for a walk. The mamas took it in turns watching the other babes to make mama’s me-time possible. It was also an opportunity for mamas to connect and kids to form new friendships. 

I made it along for a few hours during which I had a 30 minute massage (the host had arranged a masseur to do a visit to the house) with Hopi from Achieve Equilibrium massage. If I’m honest I felt a little apprehensive about leaving my boys – only because they are rarely left in the care of others, let alone people they don’t know well. I had no concerns they boys would be well cared for, it was more a case of whether the boys would feel comfortable. Once I was in the makeshift treatment room I was able to relax knowing the mamas would call on me if needed, but also knowing they would try to handle whatever arose to let me have some me-time. Hopi is a beautiful person and an extremely professional and skilled masseuse. We spoke briefly about how this concept was a great one because mamas being able to get someone to mind their kids was one of the most common issues with taking me-time. She said she provides mobile services to a couple of mamas who would take turns having their treatments as well as larger groups – like this. My 30 minutes was up before I knew it but I did feel all the better for it. I was pleased to learn my boys had been easy to care for and had a great time. 

Mobile services like Hopi’s are a great option for mamas who don’t get much time without kids. The concept of a mothers retreat is also beautiful. Clearly it was a success as another is in planning. It’s an idea any small group of mamas could try. 

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