It was Mother’s Day and between going into work and doing the grocery shopping I was having a massage goddamit! 

Green Bamboo Massage is located in Thrift Park shopping centre, a small relatively new complex in suburban Melbourne. Chinese massage businesses are so commonplace in Melbourne finding one, and one with immediate availabilty is easy. I had a 20 neck and shoulder massage, which was done while I was seated in a basic school/office type chair. 

Green Bamboo itself is located near the main entrance to the centre and so the ambient music failed to drown out the sound of clanking trollies and peoples voices. For some, I expect this would detract from the experience. For me, I’m always just happy to be getting a massage. 

The massage was pretty good and the pressure was nice and firm – how I like it. 

Green Bamboo is a no frills experience but for times when you don’t have an appointment but could use a massage Chinese massage shops like this one are a good option. 

Cost – $20.00 for 20 minutes 

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