Long drives with kids can be … well … challenging. En route from Byron Bay to Sydney we decided to break up the drive with a few nights in the beautiful coastal town of Port Macquarie.  I knew little about Port Macquarie before our stay and less about great me-time places to try. However with the generous help of Lisa Richardson, co-owner of Lv’s on Clarence and mama of two, Bec Maher, baby sleep consultant, creator of The Sleep Centre and mama of three and Leasa Harris co-owner of Salty Crew Kiosk and mama of one, I discovered all the best spots.


Lisa – Vanity room

Bec – Aqua Vitae ….Every.Time.

Leasa – Holistic Healthy and Beauty http://holistichealthandbeauty.com.au


Lisa – Bodiline Pilates

Bec – Innovate Body and Mind for their Slow Flow Yoga and Hour of Power Yoga Sessions

Leasa – The Yoga Shala http://www.theyogashala.com.au


Bec – The Hollow is a gorgeous, new wellness hub in Port Mac that offers meditation sessions (amongst various other things like Natural Health, Naturopathy, Yoga + Good Vibes)

Leasa– The Yoga Shala

Walking/ running

Lisa – Coastal walk, sea acre rainforest walk

BecTown Green to Lighthouse Beach – it’s 9km. During the course of your walk you may be lucky enough to view bottlenose dolphins feeding in the Hastings River estuary or off the rocks at Shelly Beach. During early winter through to spring, you may also see the migrating humpback and southern right whales pass by the coastline on their annual migration between the Antarctic and the Great Barrier Reef.

Leasa – Coastal Walk – starting Town Beach Breakwall and you can go as far as Lighthouse Beach http://www.portmacquarieinfo.com.au/explore/location.aspx?id=200

Alternative healers (i.e. reiki, cranosacral, Bowen or similar if you know of or use any)

Lisa – There is an awesome lady in Wauchope, Margaret Whitbread (the clinic is on Cameron st)

Bec – I am a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant (www.thesleepcentre.com.au) so I commonly refer my clients to Leah from The Essence – Integrated Health as she is a Chiro with who works wonders with her Craniosacral technique. She is also a godsend to pre and post natal mums!

Best coffee/cafe with kids

Lisa- Have to recommend lvs on Clarence as I own it. We are family friendly.

Bec – Salty Crew Kiosk – sublime spot to relax in the sun at Town Beach. The kids can have a run around on the sand while mum enjoys a phenomenal espresso and a bite to eat.

Leasa – Salty Crew Kiosk 😉 – great spot on lawn next to Kiosk as well as Beach. www.saltycrewkiosk.com.au

Best coffee/cafe without kids

Lisa – Social grounds, Drury lane or Latin loafer

Bec – Casualties Coffee – always a queue for their coffee which isn’t ideal with kids, so when all the kids are at school I get to line up with the other locals who want their daily ‘fix’.

Leasa – Social Grounds Cafe, Meg + Me Espresso, Milkbar and LVs Cafe. There is a lot of great options.

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