Easily my favourite part of visiting my hairdresser is the head massage at the basin. The all too short experience usually gets me thinking how underrated head massage is – so when the opportunity arose to try a 30 minute Japanese head massage I didn’t hesitate. 

The destination for head massage was Haku, located in Glenelg, a touristy beachside suburb of Adelaide. 

I booked in as a last minute birthday gift to myself. I sent an email after hours, on the off chance of securing a booking, and was pleased to receive a very prompt, positive response. 

The spa itself is beautifully styled with neutral tones and a tranquil feel. The staff were delightful. 

The massage was done whilst I was lying down. The massage itself extended to my shoulders as well as my head. The massage was firm and worked into pressure points on my scalp. The massage was a little different to what I expected.  I’d compare it to a deep tissue massage in that not all of the massage is super comfortable (for example when working on tight spots like my temples) but the benefit is you feel enormously relaxed at the end – which I did. 

The benefits of a Japanese style head massage are said to be extensive including relieving sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia, slowing down fast thought patterns and a racy mind, promoting hair growth, inducing a calmer mindset and rejuvenating the brain. This type of massage is also said to be highly beneficial for those who suffer from over-work, worry and prolonged computer use – so perfect for most of us! 

I’ll definitely be back to Haku on my next visit to Adelaide. 

Cost – $40.00 for 30 mins 

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