What? Kinesiology

Where? Emma Sternberg, Holistic Kinesiology, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Why? Holistic Kinesiology uses a unique mix of complementary therapies and muscle monitoring to release physical, mental and emotional stress.

Holistic Kinesiologists have training in a wide range of complementary therapies, including acupressure, nutrition, chiropractic techniques, various forms of counselling, colour therapy, flower essences, chakra healing and homeopathy.

My session with Emma started with her asking some basic questions. Surprisingly, those questions quickly opened up a conversation around some much deeper issues and honed in on some of my main stressors and their underlying beliefs. And then Emma got to work!

During the session I was impressed by how much my mindset shifted – so much so that by the end I felt dramatically lighter, less burdened (a feeling which has continued long after the session).

Emma is both empathetic and skilled – which is why she is a perfect choice for such sensitive work. I felt great clarity after the session and were it not for the fact Emma is Sydney based and I’m in Melbourne I’d have been back to see her again already. A very powerful therapy.

How much? $135.00 for 90 minutes

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