Inspired by the beautiful me-time stories of mamas in the two minutes with series, I decided I wanted to create a gift card with a difference. 

I’m a real believer in the saying “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to presents. Knowing how challenging I find it to create the time and space for me-time, I wanted a card someone could give to a mama, like me, to help them to bring some me-time into their days. 

My vision is to create a “mamas me-time movement” which sees mamas making a commitment to their own self care but recognizing it’s not that easy to have me-time without help, also creates a community which helps and supports mamas to take me-time. 

1. Email to receive the PDF print ready files. 

2. When you receive your e-gift card, print and complete the recipients details and your details. The card gives you the space to complete the following :

“For you to enjoy some me-time with…” Some examples of gift ideas are:

  • An hour of babysitting so you can do something you love
  • The school run taken care of one Monday morning
  • These bath salts for a long soak in the tub
  • This book to inspire you
  • These essential oils to relax you
  • This yoga pass to revitalise you

The gift should reflect a me-time activity you think the mama will love but the only limit is your imagination. 

3. Gift the card – for a mama’s birthday, to a mama on her children’s birthdays, an anniversary,  Mother’s Day or anytime. 

4. Share on Instagram your completed gift card to inspire others with ideas or the mama enjoying her me-time with your help using the hashtags #mamasmetimemovement #mamasmetime

I hope you embrace and enjoy the idea. 

Finally, I would like to recognise and thank Karla Pizzica for her generosity in sharing her talents and creating the graphics for our beautiful card as a love job – so I could share it with you for no cost.   

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